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Sir Marcus Laurence Oliphant essays

Sir Marcus Laurence Oliphant papers Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant, was the oldest of five children, and was conceived in 1901 in Kent Town, close to Adelaide, South Australia. His dad was a government worker and his mom was a craftsman. Oliphant was keen on a profession in medication or science, and in 1919 began learning at the University of Adelaide. In any case, his material science instructor, Dr Roy Burdon, helped him find the beautiful inclination when there is a revelation in the field of material science, and Oliphant started contemplating Physics all the more intently. In 1925, Oliphant was additionally propelled in the field of material science subsequent to going to a talk by Ernest Rutherford, a New Zealand physicist. A specialist in the field of atomic material science, Rutherford had made revelations about radioactivity and the nuclear core. In 1927 Oliphant picked up the chance to live his fantasy about turning into a physicist. He won a '1851 Exhibitioner' grant that permitted him to concentrate under the management of Rutherford at the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University in England. Oliphant made his most critical works in science during his stay at the Cavendish Laboratory. He explored atomic material science, and took a shot at the fake breaking down of the nuclear core, and positive particles. During this period numerous disclosures were made at the Cavendish Laboratory, and the field of atomic material science was quickly extending. Rutherford later asked Oliphant to work with him to additionally explore Cockcroft and Walton's work. During this time, Oliphant found new sorts of hydrogen (deuterium and tritium) and (helium 3). He additionally structured and manufactured molecule quickening agents, the most well known of these was a positive particle quickening agent. This work made ready for the production of atomic weapons. Sir John Cockcroft and Ernest Walton made the main significant advancement in 1932 when they split the iota just because, utilizing their progressive powerful standard ... <!

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“Homeless” by Anna Quindlen Essay

In this story â€Å"Homeless† Anna expounds on breaking down what destitute don’t have and to take a gander at them in an unexpected way, everything began by a ladies named Ann and there she had acknowledged of the destitute. She, Quindlen, comprehends what Ann is discussing how home is important, I likewise comprehend. Pitifully Quindlen ends that our staff of being home has balanced. During the time, I initially strife with Anna that the destitute are the one to give delicate emotions. She persuaded us to concentrate on what they required other than who we might suspect they ought to be. Feeling that she had made my things happen toward the start by reason of she chose as her vagrant not an insane woman but rather a lady she had met at the Port Authority terminal that guaranteed that she’s not so much destitute. Ann pulls out a photograph yet not a weapon I detected Quindlen had trapped me. I concede that â€Å"Home is the place the heart is at† after all I likewise praise my 2 room condo that is involved by nine individuals. However it keeps us made sure about and stable. Home is the place recollections are made, kept and given. The destitute that I’ve seen are for the most part men strolling around requesting cash the majority of them don’t have card-sheets to live in. They appear to startle me. I’m apprehensive that sooner or later they’ll snatch me and possibly I’ll end up spiritless. At the point when mother and I take a stroll in the zone of East Los Angeles I hold her near me, we’re both continually caref ul on the grounds that the destitute are all over. I want to run home where I can cover up and have assurance. In one’s view, an individual can’t be satisfied without a lasting home for some cases. An individual without a lasting home is like not living. In the event that it’s an impermanent home, at that point the individual would be disappointed for the explanation that the person in question won’t have the option to live in a home for long and needs to have a real existence where she or he can continue welcoming visitors and have a home where that individual will have the option to do anything. Then again, on the off chance that it's anything but a perpetual home nor an impermanent home this is unique seeing that an individual who is destitute isn’t accomplishing anything and not encountering how it feels to have a home. Seeing others eating admirably, dressing great, having a solid life isn't causing the destitute to feel fulfilled for what they have-not. Accepting that Quindlen’s article was about how the destitute require a home the same some other human, this case which I recognize at this very moment, the reason can accomplish more than that an unbelievable home where an individual can secretly do anything just bounty that we have to deliver the destitute. Quindlen specifies anyway she doesn't change on the individuals who forestall covers on account of individual reasons they have experienced the past. We should realize their requirements also. What's more, we have to consider giving a spot liberated from dread for the individuals who, rather than needing to paint a room blue, might want to peruse a book or watch a film on TV. I concur, that house is everything, Ann needs a home that she can consider her own, however to be a humane people, we should set aside the effort to comprehend and help even the individuals who don’t have pictures of yellow houses in their grimy sacks.

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Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal Chapter 2 Free Essays

Section 2 The heavenly attendant needs me to pass on a greater amount of Joshua’s beauty. Elegance? I’m attempting to expound on a six-year-old, for Christ’s sakes, what amount of beauty would he be able to have? Dislike Joshua strolled around purporting that he was the Son of God each day of the week. He was a truly typical child, generally. We will compose a custom article test on Sheep: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal Chapter 2 or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now There was the stunt he did with the reptiles, and once we found a dead meadowlark and he breathed life into it back, and there was the time, when we were eight, when he recuperated his sibling Judah’s broke skull after a round of â€Å"stone the adulteress† turned crazy. (Judah would never get the talent of being an adulteress. He’d remain there solid as Lot’s spouse. You can’t do that. An adulteress must be wily and deft footed.) The marvels Joshua performed were little and calm, as wonders will in general be, when you become acclimated to them. In any case, inconvenience originated from the wonders that occurred around him, without his volition, so to speak. Bread and snakes ring a bell. It was a couple of days before the Passover banquet, and a significant number of the groups of Nazareth were not making the journey to Jerusalem that year. There had been little downpour through our winter season, so it would have been a hard year. Numerous ranchers couldn't manage the cost of the time away from their fields to make a trip to and from the blessed city. My dad and Joshua’s were both working in Sepphoris, and the Romans wouldn’t give them time off work past the real dining experience days. My mom had been making the unleavened bread when I rolled in from playing in the square. She held twelve sheets of the flatbread before her and she looked as though she was going to run it to the floor any second. â€Å"Biff, where is your companion Joshua?† My younger siblings smiled at me from behind her skirts. â€Å"At home, I assume. I simply left him.† â€Å"What have you young men been doing?† â€Å"Nothing.† I attempted to recollect whether I had done whatever should drive her this mad, yet nothing rung a bell. It was an uncommon day and I’d raised no hell. Both my younger siblings were sound apparently. â€Å"What have you done to cause this?† She held out a sheet of the flatbread, and there, in firm earthy colored help on the brilliant outside, was the picture of my companion Joshua’s face. She grabbed up another sheet of bread, and there, once more, was my companion Josh. Graven pictures †large sin. Josh was grinning. Mother disapproved of grinning. â€Å"Well? Do I have to go to Joshua’s house and ask his poor, crazy mother?† â€Å"I did this. I put Joshua’s face on the bread.† I recently trusted that she didn’t ask me how I had done it. â€Å"Your father will rebuff you when he returns home tonight. Presently go, escape here.† I could hear my little brother’s laughing as I sneaked out the entryway, however once outside, things intensified. Ladies were leaving endlessly from their preparing stones, and each held a sheet of unleavened bread, and every wa mumbling some variety of â€Å"Hey, there’s a child on my bread.† I raced to Joshua’s house and raged in without thumping. Joshua and his siblings were at the table eating. Mary was nursing Joshua’s most up to date younger sibling, Miriam. â€Å"You are in huge trouble,† I murmured in Josh’s ear with enough power to victory an eardrum. Joshua held up the flatbread he was eating and smiled, much the same as the face on his bread. â€Å"It’s a miracle.† â€Å"Tastes great too,† said James, crunching a corner off of his brother’s head. â€Å"It’s all over town, Joshua. Not simply your home. Everyone’s bread has your face on it.† â€Å"He is genuinely the Son of God,† Mary said with a rapturous grin. â€Å"Oh, jeez, Mother,† James said. â€Å"Yeah, jeez Mom,† said Judah. â€Å"His mug is everywhere throughout the Passover feast. We need to do something.† They didn’t appear to get the gravity of the circumstance. I was at that point in a tough situation, and my mom didn’t even speculate anything heavenly. â€Å"We need to trim your hair.† â€Å"What?† â€Å"We can't trim his hair,† Mary said. She had consistently let Joshua wear his hair long, similar to an Essene, saying that he was a Nazarite like Samson. It was simply one more motivation behind why a large number of the townspeople thought her frantic. All of us wore our hair style short, similar to the Greeks who had governed our nation since the hour of Alexander, and the Romans after them. â€Å"If we trim his hair he resembles all of us. We can say it’s another person on the bread.† â€Å"Moses,† Mary said. â€Å"Young Moses.† â€Å"Yes!† â€Å"I’ll get a knife.† â€Å"James, Judah, accompany me,† I said. â€Å"We need to tell the town that the essence of Moses has stayed with us for the Passover feast.† Mary pulled Miriam from her bosom, twisted, and kissed me on the temple. â€Å"You are an old buddy, Biff.† I nearly softened in my shoes, however I found Joshua glaring at me. â€Å"It’s not the truth,† he said. â€Å"It will shield the Pharisees from judging you.† â€Å"I’m not terrified of them,† said the nine-year-old. â€Å"I didn’t do this to the bread.† â€Å"Then why assume the fault and the discipline for it?† â€Å"I don’t know, appears as though I should, doesn’t it?† â€Å"Sit still so your mom can trim your hair.† I ran out the entryway, Judah and James behind me, the three of us bleating like spring sheep. â€Å"Behold! Moses has put his face on the bread for Passover! Behold!† Supernatural occurrences. She kissed me. Blessed Moses on a matzo! She kissed me. The supernatural occurrence of the snake? It was a sign, as it were, despite the fact that I can just say that as a result of what occurred among Joshua and the Pharisees later on. At that point, Joshua thought it was the satisfaction of a prescience, or that’s how we attempted to offer it to his mom and father. It was pre-fall and we were playing in a wheat field outside of town when Joshua found the home of snakes. â€Å"A home of vipers,† Joshua yelled. The wheat was so tall I couldn’t see where he was calling from. â€Å"A pox on your family,† I answered. â€Å"No, there’s a home of snakes here. Really.† â€Å"Oh, I thought you were provoking me. Apologies, a pox off of your family.† â€Å"Come, see.† I smashed through the wheat to discover Joshua remaining by a heap of stones a rancher had used to stamp the limit of his field. I shouted and retreated so rapidly that I lost my parity and fell. A bunch of snakes squirmed at Joshua’s feet, skating over his shoes and folding themselves over his lower legs. â€Å"Joshua, escape from there.† â€Å"They won’t hurt me. It says so in Isaiah.† â€Å"Just on the off chance that they haven’t read the Prophets†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Joshua moved to one side, sending the snakes dissipating, and there, behind him, was the greatest cobra I had ever observed. It raised up until it was taller than my companion, spreading a hood like a shroud. â€Å"Run, Joshua.† He grinned. â€Å"I’m going to call her Sarah, after Abraham’s spouse. These are her children.† â€Å"No joking? Bid farewell now, Josh.† â€Å"I need to show Mother. She adores prophecy.† With that, he was off toward the town, the monster snake tailing him like a shadow. The infant snakes remained in the home and I supported gradually away before pursuing my companion. I once brought a frog home, planning to keep him as a pet. Not an enormous frog, a one-gave frog, calm and respectful. My mom made me discharge him, at that point purge myself in the inundation pool (the mikveh) at the gathering place. Still she wouldn’t let me in the house until after nightfall since I was unclean. Joshua drove a fourteen-foot-long cobra into his home and his mom screeched with happiness. My mom never screeched. Mary threw the infant to her hip, stooped before her child, and cited Isaiah: â€Å"‘The wolf additionally will stay with the sheep, and the panther will rests with the child; and the calf and the youthful lion and the fatling together; and a little youngster will lead them. What's more, the dairy animals and the bear will take care of; their young ones will rests together: and the lion will eat straw like the bull. What's more, the sucking kid will play on the opening of the asp, and the weaned youngster will put his hand on the cockatrice’s den.'† James, Judah, and Elizabeth fell down in the corner, too alarmed to even think about crying. I remained outside the entryway viewing. The snake influenced behind Joshua as though getting ready to strike. â€Å"Her name is Sarah.† â€Å"They were cobras, not asps,† I said. â€Å"A entire heap of cobras.† â€Å"Can we keep her?† Joshua inquired. â€Å"I’ll get rodents for her, and make a bed for her close to Elizabeth’s.† â€Å"Definitely not asps. I’d know an asp on the off chance that I saw one. Likely not a cockatrice either. I’d state a cobra.† (Actually, I didn’t know an asp from a gap in the ground.) â€Å"Shush, Biff,† Mary said. My heart broke with the brutality in my love’s voice. Simply then Joseph adjusted the corner and experienced the entryway before I could get him. No concern, he was back outside in a moment. â€Å"Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat!† I verified whether Joseph’s heart had fizzled, having immediately concluded that once Mary and I were hitched the snake would need to go, or possibly rest outside, however the husky craftsman appeared to be just shaken, and somewhat dusty from his retrogressive jump through t

Hacking :: Essays Papers

Hacking PC programmers in this day and age are getting progressively smart. They are understanding that individuals are continually growing more hack-verification frameworks. This presents the programmers with a greater test and a greater rush. The legislature is understanding this and is chipping away at making harsher laws to, ideally, alarm the potential programmers. With the expansion in hacking and programmer insight, legislative guideline of the internet hasn't canceled the way that it's almost difficult to carry a programmer to equity. Kevin Mitnick, a programmer who presently can't seem to have a brutal discipline when gotten, can by one way or another lower his discipline for his hacking wrongdoings down to several months probation. When Kevin was seventeen, he was gotten for breaking into a telephone place in Los Angeles. He was attempted and condemned to a quarter of a year remain in an adolescent detainment community and a year probation. Kevin is a canny man. He could utilize his PC abilities positively by halting different programmers. He didn't, so he confronted the law commonly. In every one of those occasions, he never went through over a year in jail (Shimomura 1). Kevin was likewise a Phreak; a telephone crack. He considered the telephone framework. He before long realized how to make free calls from payphones and how to crash a framework. Kevin Mitnick presently can't seem to be brutally rebuffed for these wrongdoings, which are various (Shimomura 1). Another significant player in the hacking business is a unidentified man, recognized by his pen name, epithet, Deth Vegetable. His gathering of programmers, Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc), is one of the most seasoned programmer associations still in actuality today. He is the pioneer and author of (Cult of the Dead Cow). Faction of the Dead Cow is a main gathering in the hacking business; another pioneer that messes around with what they do. (Vegetable 1). They are a famous gathering of programmers who have several issues; one of which is drugs. At a show that the cDc holds for probably the most famous programmers from around the globe (Vegetable 1), one of the individuals from cDc said Medications and hacking go connected at the hip (qtd in Vegetable 3). Deth Vegetable said Consuming Medications resembles hacking your mind (qtd in Vegetable 3). This is how programmers are, they have some good times in hacking, and the more they hack, the better time they have. In the event that hacking is taking an electro-synthetic figuring gadget and modifying it for your own upgrade, at that point taking XTC [, a kind of drug,] is doing likewise for your mind.

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Environmental Factors the Affect the Marketing Procedures of Coca Cola International Essay

Coca Cola is a global business organization that needs worldwide promoting also. Organizations burn through billions of publicizing dollars consistently on the grounds that they realize that watchers are affected by what they see and hear. They don’t go through that cash since they figure promoting may work; they realize it works. It sells their items. In 2004, The Coca-Cola Company burned through 2. 2 billion dollars publicizing its items worldwide in print, on the radio, and on TV. Was the speculation advantageous? The organization made about 22 billion dollars in benefits for that year. Sponsors understand that one promotion may not influence conduct. Rather, they depend on the aggregate effect of long periods of inculcation. Actually, with only a minute’s airing of a commercial, somewhere in the range of thousands of purchasers are somewhat pulled in to purchase the items appeared on TV. In light of this reality, it could be noticed that promoting is somewhat considered as one of the significant methodology of showcasing that any sort of organization could contribute upon. In any case, the inquiry is how certain are the promoters that their items would sell up through the introduction that they make through publicizing? What are the elements that add to the said impacts of publicizing advertising to the buyers? This is what is considered inside the conversation of how the natural factors really influence the effect of promoting towards the objective buyers. The Marketing Strategy’s Effective Placement As noted before, Coca Cola is a worldwide refreshment organization that really handles the creation of beverages that are probably going to relieve the drinking needs of the customers. In any case, selling refreshments may not seem, by all accounts, to be as simple as it looks. The vast majority would consider the refreshments introduced by Coca Cola to the general public are likely for hot occasions as it were. How at that point is the organization adapting up to its deals during cold season? It is verifiable that Coca Cola, upon perception, attempts to make the best out of the time that they are given. It could be noticed that in any event, during the virus seasons, the said organization can draw in shoppers that are likely partial to the refreshments that they offer regardless of what climate there might be. December is likely the winter time which generally provides food hot drinks and their advancements to the purchasing open. Be that as it may, Coca Cola figured out how to utilize the said natural change as far as climate for their own preferred position. Coca Cola’s ad of Santa Claus holding Coke Beverages is in fact an alluring methodology, while the organization made ready to a more refreshing matter of the period than that of the chilly climate itself. It was a somewhat inventive methodology that has given this ad a significant distinction from that of the other showcasing methodologies utilized by a similar organization. Clearly, their way to deal with the circumstance has put them in a superior edge against their rivals in the business in this way giving the organization preferred increases over the others for yearly efficiency for the whole business association. End Weather is only one specific factor in the publicizing and showcasing word that really influences the methodology of item advancement in the field of purchaser maker relationship. It is obvious through that climate, single all things considered, greatly affects the introduction of ads during explicit seasons as recommended by the earth itself. Coca Cola then again has had the option to take capable thought of these unavoidable changes in the earth for the their own great that really traces the likelihood that they are then given the legitimate portion of their own inventiveness in introducing their showcasing approach in the field of promoting. Subsequently, the said organization had the option to get the most ideal out of the progressions of nature. Their benefits and the edge against their rivals that they had the option to achieve through the said moved toward spared their qualities for administration and benefit well. Valid, condition itself may introduce difficulties to various organizations with respects the starting of the various items that they present to the general public, notwithstanding, powerful use of the said circumstances to help the association could make the procedure of showcasing progressively secured and proficient for universal publicizing draws near.

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Thoughts on coming home

Thoughts on coming home Thanksgiving morning was a groggy smear of coffee, subway, and airport, a rhapsody in grey shattered once by an outburst of sunrise over the Charles river as the Red Line subway torpedoed into Boston at 9 AM or so. Translucent skies were glimpsed through blurring glass, weighted eyelids. 2.5 hours later, while on a plane streaming through this clear ocean of sky, I woke up and instantly felt the narcotic echoes of the ascent to 10,000 meters or so of altitude. The night before, I had primly planned to go to bed before midnight, as if MIT were some sort of fairy tale in which time had absolute meaning and humans had free will over matters of life and bedtime. Anyway: this translated into making dumplings for 3 hours, demolishing half a biology problem set, watching classic MIT A cappella performances on YouTube while sitting on Catherine 12s bed with a dozen other people, carrying part of my couch upstairs for no apparent reason, starting to go out for pizza with friends before rememb ering that I had already had dinner five hours ago, debating with Katelyn 12 about whether yams could rot, thinking about the yam I bought 2 months ago, throwing out a yam, giving a spontaneous tour of Random hall to otherworldly (read: non-MIT) visitors, locking myself out of my room two times in one night, drafting plans to annex the Thai cafe next to Random, playing knuckle pool because nobody really wanted to walk 5 feet to get the sticks, suffering great pain in my knuckles because I did not conserve the momentum of the knuckle/pool-ball system, and finally collecting experimental data to support my thesis of inherent DDR-incompetence by jumping on (incorrect) arrows for a few J-pop-filled hours in the Random Hall basement. Sleep was encountered at 3:30 AM. Eleven hours drove by on their weary way to the wastelands of bygone travels. I landed in St. Louis on Thanksgiving afternoon, got home, and was frankly bowled over by how low the bathroom sinks were positioned with respect to the bathroom mirror. Not to mention that the kitchen wallpaper had decreased in ugliness by multiple orders of magnitude, my room appeared to have suffered an identity crisis and converted to monastic Buddhism, and the coffee table had been relegated from Moscow to Nowheresville, Uzbek within the Soviet Union of my living room. Home fit like a glove knitted for a three-toed box turtle. Like swallowing a flashlight, the realization that followed was both uncomfortable and enlightening. More than I could have ever imagined possible, Random Hall had squarely parked itself into the space reserved for home-glucose-home within the parking lot of my soul. And should I summon the courage to compare my soul to a shopping center, then its fair to say that MIT bought the entire mall plus the Crate and Barrel across the street. Never mind that this is probably the most disturbing analogy I have ever penned. Admittedly, its a relief to step away from college for a few days and taste the sweetness of fresh air untouched by the smog of calculus in the morning. Its nice to live with family (briefly). Its exhilarating to sleep 10 hours a day. Its a life-affirming experience to sit down to homemade dinners without fearing that you accidentally poisoned your own food with salmonella. Still, its difficult not to peer over the verge of regret when you think about four day weekends at MIT. Let me try to explain: Weekends at MIT are like the soft, cushiony slices of whole-grain bread hugging an overstuffed sandwich that your doctor (the one who told you to get nine hours of sleep per night) would advise you not to eat. Weekends, along with a lithosphere of Youtube-and-Wikipedia dressing, hold your life together once you realize that youve piled on more credits than you can bite into, and weekends soak up the copious amounts of grease that drip from your untrimmed course notes, which are thick and richly marbled with diagrams that begin to look like bacon after a while. As a friend of mine once said, weekends exist so that the rest of the week doesnt kill you. I exaggerate, of course. In sandwich terms (what better terms are there?), first-semester freshman year is something that you can order at Subway without embarrassing yourself. But, you get the idea. A while ago, I implicitly promised that I would blog about the Veterans Day weekend holiday in all of its photogenically-gory detail, and this I shall attempt tonight as I try to explain why MIT has become just like home, with or without the decapitated turkey. On the Friday before Veterans Day, I concocted an obscenely amazing chimera of a salad with the help of Katelyn 12. Cold noodles, carrot, avocado, mango, almond slices, lime juice, agave nectar, and red onion, blended and served at one of Random Halls traditional community dinners. Someone else opted to cook stuffed peppers, which reminded me of certain moments in the brief and wondrous lives of Calvin and Hobbes. I chose not to illustrate my sentiments, however, as the peppers were pretty tasty. The guest of the night was none other than MITs new Dean of Student Life, Chris Colombo. Dean Colombo spent over two hours talking to Random Hall residents about why they came to MIT, their classes, student concerns, the woes of MITs dining programs, policies on hacking, and whatever else appeared in the potpourri of candid discussion. The next day, I met my advising group (FASAP) at the subway station to see a play at the American Repertory Theatre in Harvard Square. Harvard is full of squares, I thought. Luckily, I didnt say this out loud, but I guess it doesnt matter since Im now posting it in my blog. This in-transit photo I snapped of Rachel 12 as the subway pulled up looks straight out of a Rosetta Stone advertisement. Seeing it kindles my desire to learn French. “Whats FASAP?” you may ask. This picture says it all: And whatever the picture doesnt say, Maggie 12 probably said it in her guest entry for the MIT Arts Blog. Incidentally, she chose to write about the exact same event that I will now describe only in the faintest detail, until we get to dinner. In short, the event was the world premiere of a scintillating play appropriately (!) titled The Communist Dracula Pageant. My favorite scene involved lovely, poignant folk music and a guy in a bear suit pretending to eat a pot of honey. Its Wheres Waldo: Blog Edition! After the play, the FASAP group braved the streets of Harvard Square in search of dinner. Kim 12 demonstrates. We ended up at a noodle bar with the classiest ramen that has ever seen the light of day. I ordered “ramen” with grilled shrimp, sprouts, and lime in a spicy coconut-based soup. Sometimes, it seems like coconut-based soup was the reason I came to MIT. FASAP dinners are usually long and grueling ordeals, exacerbated by the burden of dessert. Here is a tortuous coconut ice cream with mango sauce and more coconut. Painful. Back at Random Hall, a few residents had participated in a Microsoft-sponsored puzzle hunt earlier that day. Someone had somehow obtained some cake with a subtle reference to Portal. We couldnt help but make the reference a bit less subtle. The cake worked pretty well, considering that it was from Microsoft. Residents were in consensus that it was a fully functional late-night snack. On Monday morning, I had no food for almost an entire hour, about which I will not blog. Once this dark time had passed, Paul 12 and I led a sizable mob of Randomites on a run to Chinatown for Dim Sum. One of the perks of Dim Sum is that when you start pulling out 7 dollars worth of change to pay your share of the bill, the waitress unflinchingly hands you a saucer. Someone at our table later ran out of American currency and switched to Canadian coins, but this went unnoticed by the waitstaff. Thusly sated, we opted to walk through Chinatown, into Boston Common, down a few apartment-lined streets, across the Harvard Bridge, and finally back to MIT, where I unfroze my hands. (Story: As we calmly strolled through the park, I abruptly leaped into the grass, pulled out a camera, and yelled “Spontaneous photo!” This resulted.) No less than three pounds of spinach, five loaves of bread, a few pans of dough, several hunks of cheese, a giant cut of lamb, a whole chicken, and unquantified amounts of onion, squash, butter, olives, and pasta greeted me as I entered the kitchen outside my room. Exciting! It turns out that Professor Anne McCants, head of the History department at MIT, was at Random for a special medieval cooking event. Several residents helped cook while I scoured two floors for an extra oven rack, to no avail. Dinner happened anyway, so clearly I was expendable. (Spinach torte) (Homemade bread) (Roman lasagna. Not red, because tomatoes are a New World plant.) (Lamb) (Squash torte) I was unduly ecstatic about having a large group of people enjoying a home-cooked dinner, drinking cider, socializing, and otherwise enjoying life the European way right outside my door (which is open, as you can sort of see in the background). It was like Thanksgiving come early (around 500 years early if you interpret “Medieval Dinner” faithfully). To even my incredulity, the tides of marathonic food consumption were yet to subside. Two hours and one nap later, Jeremy 12s birthday party commenced in a delicious fashion at Simmons Hall. Jeremys family lives near Boston, so his parents were in attendance as successfully prevented Simmons Hall from suffering yet another fire alarm. In short, home is where the heart is, unless your home is like the wavefunction of an electron, in which case Heisenberg will tell you that its alright to be uncertain as long as you know your homes momentum.

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Podcast - Episode 102 When Andrews Away A conversation with Kristin, IEWs Customer Service

   Join us as Julie chats with Kristin Boutross, IEW's ebullient Customer Service Manager. With her many years of experience working for IEW, Kristin describes the goal of the customer service team and shares a special message with those starting on their educational journey. LISTEN NOW. REFERENCED MATERIALS: Teaching Writing: Structure and Style All Things Fun Fascinating  by Lori Verstegen A Classical Approach in a Modern World  Audio Talk by Andrew Pudewa Process Versus Product Podcast Article Kristin Boutross Support Team Remember to send your questions to, and perhaps yours will be answered the next time we Ask Andrew Anything (AAA). If you have any questions about IEW or our products, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team at  800.856.5815  or Subscribe to the Podcast: iTunes Google Play Stitcher RSS Remember to send your questions to, and perhaps yours will be answered the next time we Ask Andrew Anything (AAA).